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Had a wicked fun time today with a last minute client shoot, with Paola Mayfield. I love when a shoot like this works out the way it does. Including rain and dog poop, but it never made us mad. A long time client called me a day prior and needed […]

A great article I read that covers the foundation of makeup, see what i did there? Principles of Makeup for Color Film Studio lights and strobes: Studio lighting flattens features, so contouring is very important. Accent bone structure, and blend into color. Flashes and strobes cause powdered skin to reflect […]


Fitness Shoot Ideas

YouTube Fit Shoot Ideas. A collection of ideas for photoshoots. Do you have one to share, comment below.

The process of planning & shoot comes together from fellow photographer James Patrick.   Notice the process and detail, how things are on a excellent production.   I always enjoy showing others work and being able to relate to the workflow process, it’s an art form. See the rest of […]

via a question posed by Paul Buceta, but I am curious what of my work you are drawn to. I’ve been wondering as of late what of my work you are specifically drawn to, question of fit or sexy. I’ve had some friends say I should shoot more fitness while […]



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A few simple practices when considering hiring a photographer, or agreeing to work with one. *from an article by paul buceta 1) Do they have a website? Not just a WWW, but a full site with contact info, galleries with samples of their work? A “Coming Soon”, or no page […]


First Blog Post

Crossfit Athlete Devin Ellis from KevinBraunPhotography on Vimeo.

Hello World! Welcome to my first blog post. I am testing the features of the blog. Who knows, maybe it could be useful, like finding Easter eggs? Wonder what kind of content I’ll be putting here?