Paola Mayfield

Had a wicked fun time today with a last minute client shoot, with Paola Mayfield.

I love when a shoot like this works out the way it does. Including rain and dog poop, but it never made us mad. A long time client called me a day prior and needed some help, so I made my calendar and chaotic life work and cranked out some great content for them.

Enter my need to google the Talent; Paola Mayfield. She is the primary on 90 Day Fiance on TLC. I don’t have TV nor do I watch reality TV, so I had no prior ideas of who she was. I don’t need any biases. I know since working in the Film/TV industry a short while, content is King and so is drama.I am one to ignore any Drama that may try to be sneaky and make its way into my bubble, I’ll stab you Drama, I’ll do it!!! go away


Paola was awesome, and a breath of fresh air, in what had actually been a long break from shooting. I have moved and sold one house and bought another,traveled to Dubai and now currently heading to Italy and Switzerland soon. So to say Life is busy, on top of my day job [ hacker of sorts] is an understatement.

Dream client, dream talent lead to some great images today, sneak peek after the fold, check it!


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