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Who is this interesting and oh so charming Atlanta Fitness & Active Lifestyle Photographer

Team Beauty and Braun.

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90% Therapist | 10% Photographer

fitness | adventure | lifestyle

My Fitness & Active Lifestyle photography is teamwork of both model and photographer. I love to include the talent ideas into every shoot, as you are not just the subject of a photo. I love collaboration to come up with the best content we can create. Pushing some boundaries to get there to see what we can create together.

Living in Atlanta gives you the opportunity to shoot in the most diverse locations and with the best talent in the Southeast. I found a niche with Fitness & Active Lifestyle photography a few years ago. My career for prior years mostly revolved around travel, shooting mostly night clubs, special events and sports and the occasional musician or band. Travel ranged from Pro Tour cycling (Tour de France riders) to some of the most popular nightclubs in the South and West Coast.

I have been fortunate to work with some of the top pro cycling teams in the world; the best DJ’s and owners. The most fun talent in the States and I now call most of these people friends.